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Live Life. Stop Letting Life Live You!

Dedric D. Perry's Playbook

Dedric D. Perry's Playbook 

"A Book of Wisdom Nuggets and Simple Strategies for Life"

Dedric D. Perry's Playbook


Dedric D. Perry's Playbook is a book of Wisdom Nuggets and Simple Strategies for Life! This book has been inspired by Dedric Perry's own experiences in life coupled with divine insight from God! This book is written with much simplicity which makes it practical, fundamental, relatable and something we can all understand. Dedric has been able to use what she's learned in life and skillfully transformed it into principles for life! This book is a phenomenal wisdom tool that will help you navigate through life and will teach you how to "Live Life and to Stop Letting Life Live You." As well as how to move from "Existing to Living into Fulfilling!" The Wisdom, Insight and Guidance this book offers is a sure guide to effective living!



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