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DDP Ministries

Friday Night Live

Prophetic Overflow Service

Held in varies cities and states. If you are interested in bringing "DDP Ministries Friday Night Live Service" to your city "Hit Select" to request more details.  

DDP Ministries

Training Sessions

Serving as an institute for further training and development in various areas of ministry. Spiritual development in the things of God, as well as personal development and growth. Webinars, seminars, conference workshops, conference calls, group sessions etc. If you are interested in our Training Sessions "Hit Select."


DDP Ministries



Building God's people from the "Inside Out". Coaching, teaching, training, equipping, cultivating and developing the people of God in the things of God to take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. Teaching them how to live successfully and victoriously by providing practical tools, biblical principles and simple strategies for life. Returning soon! 

DDP Ministries Mentorship 4 Tier Program 

Coming soon...

"Hit Select" to be added to our mailing list.

Dedric D. Perry 

Certified Life Coach

"The Live Life Coach" 

Helping others reach their full potential. Showing you how to "Life Life & Stop Letting Life Live You."  With  the proper tools and guidance you will learn how to navigate through life  successfully and learn how to move from  just Existing to Living into Fulfilling! Follow me on Facebook @DedricDPerryCLC. 

If you are in need of a Lifestyle Coach "Hit Select" to  schedule an appointment & to receive a  Free 15min. Consultation .


Dedric D. Perry, CLC

The Coach's Corner Program & Sessions

The Coach's Corner with certified Life Strategist Coach, Dedric D. Perry

"Live Life. Stop Letting Life Live You."

Master Life Coaching Sessions:

•Personal Development

•Locating Passion & Purpose

•Getting Unstuck

•Individual &

Group Sessions

•Weekly, Bimonthly & Monthly Sessions

•In Person & Virtual Sessions

For Free 15min. Consultation & to

Schedule Appointment "Hit Select"


Click the link to Join our FB Group:

The Coach's Corner with Dedric D. Perry, CLC

Daily Quotes, Inspirationals, Question of the Day, Word of the Day, Wisdom Nuggets and Simple Strategies for Life! Video Clips & Lives! The Coach's Corner "ASK DDP" Life Principles for Life Issues Q&A Live Coaching Session!


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